System Configuration

System Configuration


1.1MWPhotovoltaic grid connected system configuration

Name Specifications/model Unit Quantity Remark
PV Module NBJ-260M PC 4256 260W Mono、Pass CE and TUV
Grid connected inverter SG250K3 Set 4 Wide DC input voltage range, human interface, can achieve parallel operation of multiple inverters, simplify system design.
Junction box SPV-16 Set 20 Greatly simplify the system wiring, to meet the use of outdoor installation requirements, wide DC voltage input range, the maximum access to open circuit voltage up to 1000V, photovoltaic special DC fuse, photovoltaic special high-voltage lightning protection device
DC lightning protection distribution cabinet JN-SPD-5 Set 4 Simplify system wiring, improve system reliability, safety, use ABB circuit breaker, Feinikesi lightning protection and other high quality devices
AC lightning protection distribution cabinet JN-PMD-4/15 Set 1 Simplify system wiring, simple operation, easy maintenance, improve system reliability, safety, selection of ABB circuit breaker, Feinikesi lightning protection and other high quality devices
Mounting material (tie tape, fastener, wiring, etc.) Others Set Some International standard
Basic structure 300*300*200mm PC 1400 concrete barrie
Cable pv-f-1*4 Meter 25000  
Bracket(Whole set) GLPPB-04 Set 1064  


Distributed grid connected 250KW roof configuration list


No. Name Specifications Unit Qty Remark
1 PV Module and Bracket NBJ-250P PCS 1000  
2 Photovoltaic array junction box PVS-10M PCS 6  
3 DC lightning protection distribution cabinet PMD-D300K PCS 1  
4 Photovoltaic grid connected inverter SG250K3 PCS 1  
5 Communication monitoring device RS485 PCS 1  
6 System lightning protection and grounding device RTBHGZ Set 1  
7 Construction, distribution room and other infrastructure YX58 Set 1  
8 System connecting cable and protective material 4mm²、6mm²、power cable M some  


Attention:  PV module towards the South,installation angle: Can tile the roof and towards the south and inclined plane to the south latitude0~25°,install angle= latitude latitude26~40°,install angle= latitude+5~10 latitude41~55°,install angle= latitude+10~15 PV module connection method: 20pcs in series,total 50 group,1000pcs in total,divided into 3 ways to connected to the DC junction box. One array,total 1000pcs PV module。Frist gather via DC junction box then connection to the inverter separately.


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